Sunday, July 26, 2015

As is the CUSTOM: Our Favorites for the week ending July 26th,2015


Hello everyone! Thank you all for your paitence with last weeks missing article! Now its time to get back on track! As always, you can get our attention by using the hash tag #lamleycustoms on your custom post   and by sending your pics via email at and be sure to include your IG handle. Here are some of our favorite submissions over the last few weeks!

Instagram - @gh_customs

 Instagram - @78toy4dr

 Instagram - @hotkustoms

Instagram - @rram_tweaks

Instagram - @safwankamarudin_14

Apis Marshall

Ben Moss

Instagram - @c12pagani

Instagram - extremehwm2_collector


Instagram - @hwc_jlb

Jericho Rodriguez

Jesus Pamintuan

Instagram - @leebruce281

Mike's Speed Shop

Momoo Kit

Instagram - @oscar7_garage


 Instagram - @R32Rennsport

Raimiey Kustomz

 Instagram - @rexone

Russell Cook

Instagram - @ScaleTunedCustomz

            Thank you all so much for all of your submissions and support. Remember to exercise the 
#lamleycustoms hashtag and email us photos to the email address!  Please continue to build and inspire eachother! Until next week my friends!

Luke Baumstark ( @lukeshotwheels )


  1. I dont think moderators should be able to be in the running for customs of the week. They should if anything be at the end in a different area(like Seth does with his customs). Its taking away spots from someone who doesnt have a say so in what customs are shown. Im all for seeing the mods customs but its unfair to allow them spots as they ultimately are the ones who pick the pics.

    1. I appreciate the comment, but one moderator picking the customs of another is totally fine. It doesn't take from anyone else as there is set number of customs featured every week. The fact is these three moderators are prolific customizers and if the person in charge wants to pick another's on a particular week, I am totally fine with it. Of course it is up to every moderator each week.

  2. That kool kombi with click gears and what not is bloody awesome! Well done Jesus Pamintuan

  3. I love the customs some are awesome some just to over the top. I thought the Kombi was pretty cool when it came out but now I'm sick of looking at it! I also get the comment about guys picking the pics should not be on here. Leave to the guys that have no other outlets. Also HOW ABOUT MORE VARIETY? Always the same models if I want to see the same old thing I'll go stare at the pegs. I was so excited when they announced this page but week after week it's the same stuff in different versions. This tells me a builder and collector that the guys picking the pics are picking their preferences. Come on this should be for everyone. The Gasser is cool as you know but I don't need to see it every week. Everything is current models for the most part, it's getting a bit boring. VARIETY more of it PLEASE. I love a Lambo and Beemer as much as the next guys, Rat Rods too but come on! VARIETY Please.

    1. My favs would have to be the 68 Camaro and the MB Chargers. Even though I hate that cast. Don't get me wrong they are all good the red Bone Shaker with the off road tires in back is awesome but just another cast I'm sick of looking at. Datsun Wagon can't find them on the pegs but seen enough on here that I really don't care if I ever do!

  4. I agree with John. I have seen way more than I can take of Datsun Bluebirds,Datsun Wagons,Kool Kombi's as well and generaly anything else that just had a simple tire swap. I like how the Matchbox Chargers are both in the same picture representing a simple wheel swap and right beside it sits a Charger with clear windows and an interior in which that particular model never came with an interior or sat level for that matter. We need more variety and some vintage casting rebuilds would be awesome too.