Friday, May 8, 2015

MrSenCTVT's Friday Night Likes - Picks for the week May 8,2015

Friday Night Likes - Picks of the Week

Just when you thought you've seen a ton of customs for the week, there comes a ton more for your eyes' pleasure. Every Friday, we will be posting customs that are Custom Contest worthy in our eyes and/or the eyes of IG followers as well as our Facebook friends.

The plan is to have this going every Friday Night, to continue motivating all of you Diecast Customizers in creating the BEST custom possible. Don't forget to continue using the Hash Tag #lamleycustoms and #mrSenCTVTsFNLpicks to have the chance of being featured on this blog. You can also email your pics to Be sure to TITLE it "FNL PICS" and include your IG or Facebook Name. We also want to make it clear that the customs featured may not, and will not, always necessarily have any relation to the MONTHLY FNL CUSTOM CONTEST. There is a great chance though, that since the customs entered on the CONTEST were made for such a purpose, then these customs also to be featured. Thanks in advance for participating.

Here now are the customs we thought should be in a Custom Contest...

   @diecast_dxb on IG

    @gooberspad on IG

     @scaletunedcustomz on IG  

    @masahisa1981 on IG

    pantone_j on IG

    @bttfdmc1984 on IG

    @dubformers on IG

    @alinhelga on IG

    @brewcitycustoms on IG  

     @badassrodz on IG

     @gil7198 on IG   

     @popthingscustoms on IG

       @layn720 on IG

    @gabby_leon94 on IG 

    - Unknown

   @mrsenctvt on IG and YouTube

That is all for Now...Stay tuned NEXT FRIDAY for most amazing Friday Night Like Picks...

Take Care Now and God Bless...

- Seth Mananquil


  1. Solo much creativity. My favorites are the black and white civics, the dubformers and badassrodz Bronco. Also, while the rust n dirt style isn't my favorite, props to aline Helga, cause those photos are killer.

    1. Strong agree with your picks and awesome opinion...Thank you so very much for taking the time to stop by and leaving us this thoughtful comment...Take care now and God Bless...