Sunday, June 14, 2015

As is The Custom: Our faves for the week ending June 14, 2015

Another Week has passed and we once again have the privilege of posting this weeks As Is the Customs Post for the week ending June 14, 2015... Enjoy and We look forward to seeing more submissions in the coming days...

    As always, you can get our attention by using the hash tag #lamleycustoms on your custom post   and by sending your pics via email at and be sure to include your IG handle.

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Lim Rikmun


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Pisut Masanong

Well as always that is all for now...Keep on Customizing and Keep on Sending those Pics in...

Take Care Now and Gob Bless...

+Seth Mananquil aka @mrsenctvt on IG and on YouTube

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  1. my fave is nsx-r, civic ef, also last white skyline..

  2. That Bronco 4-Wheeler is AMAZING.

  3. That Gulf BMW looks good. My friend thought it was a normal until I told him it was custom. Do you make those just for yourself or for customer/public too?

    1. Thank customs are available for public purchase and when I do have time, I do take commission work...

  4. The one's with their wheels falling off look dumb. But I guess that's the latest fad.

  5. how do i get those speedline wheels like on the civic v10?!