Friday, May 1, 2015

Welcome to Lamley Customs, the new home for As is the Custom...

There is one question we get more than any other.  We hear it in emails, in the comment section, on Instagram, on Facebook, and in person.

"When is As is the Custom coming back?"

In Lamley's three years, no feature has been more popular than As is the Custom.  We normally ran it each weekends, and we could hear the rumbling towards the blog each time we posted it.  And popular or not, it was always fun to put together.

Each week we would scour all kinds of websites, Instagram, and Facebook to see what customs caught our eye, and then we would compile all of our choices for the weekly feature.  Over time submissions just started coming in.  At first we had to beg customizers to send in pics, then we got a few a week, and towards the end of 2014 we were literally getting hundreds of submissions each week.  The talent level was higher than ever, and the creativity was off the charts.

But there was one problem.  We were running out of time.  Between trying to put up new content every day on the blog, mixed with everyday normal life, and the desire to take weekends off, we were finding it harder and harder to peruse all the customs, not to mention all the submissions, and put together an As is the Custom post.

We never intended to ditch As Is entirely, and that is why we never closed the door.  We figured we would return to it in one way or the other, we just didn't know when.

Well, it is back, and in fact, better than ever.

Instead of a weekly post, we have created the Lamley Customs Blog, which is entirely dedicated to custom work, and we are launching it today, on Lamley's 3rd birthday.  As is the Custom will return as a weekly feature, as will other features, including showcases of specific artists, how-to posts, and maybe even a Custom of the Day feature.  And it will evolve from there.

And in order to do that we will have some help.  Customizers Chris Huntley (@78toy4dr on Instagram) and Seth Mananquil (@mrsenctvt on Instagram) have agreed to join the Lamley team as editors of the Lamley Customs Blog.  We picked them for their dedication to customs, their talent and knowledge, and their ability to create a nice community.  They will help peruse the many sources of custom work on the web, incorporate my choices for the week, and put together As is the Custom every weekend.

So bookmark the page now, and rest assured we will post links to let you know every time there is new content on the Lamley Customs page, including on the Lamley Blog, Facebook, and Instagram feeds.

We hope the Lamley Customs Blog can become the source of a growing community of customizers and collectors, and that will be by way of your participation.  So let us know when you have something new.  Either tag your custom photos #lamleycustoms on Instagram, or send photos directly to our new email address dedicated solely to this site,

If you submitted your work during our custom hiatus, don't worry, we have it.  It is now being reviewed for possible inclusion in the first As is the Custom, due soon.  Very soon.

We are happy its back, and we hope you are too.  The Lamley Group Blog will continue to do what it does best, focusing on factory released models new and old.  Now we have an exclusive home for the customs.  We hope you enjoy it...


  1. Are you going to post all the previous editions here as well so they are all in the same place.

  2. Nice. Looking forward to this. I just saw the LALD post.

    -SP202lofi / MI777ke777

  3. YES!!! these were some of my favorite blog posts.....until they disappeared. Now they have their own blog all to them selves. I am really excited about what is about to be shown