Sunday, May 10, 2015

As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending May 10, 2015...


Welcome to Lamley Customs! Here is the second installment for the "As Is the Customs" post... Enjoy and we look forward to seeing more submissions in the coming days...

As always, you can get our attention by using the hash tag #lamleycustoms on your custom post and by sending your pics via email at and be sure to include your IG handle!

@leznah0811 - Instagram

Pisut Masanong

@kool51designs - Instagram

@12twentyfour - Instagram

@Bjorn_ready - Instagram

@hwc_sweden - Instagram

@hotkustoms - Instagram

''Ape'' Boosten - Flickr

Gerald Destura

@i_d_r - Instagram

@coecoet - Instagram

@camarogarage - Instagram

Nvrrespected/Sebastian Thomas

@layn720 - Instagram

@hotwheelsbymoe - Instagram

@burhanuddinismail - Instagram

@c12pagani - Instagram

@leebruce281 - Instagram

@mangagarage - Instagram


Z Rahman Milky

@gooberspad - Instagram

So many great customs were sent in it was tough "slimming down" this weeks post. Thank you all for your submissions and support. I wish we could feature and post every car we recieve! Please keep sending in pictures of your customs to us here at the email and be sure to keep using the hashtag #lamleycustoms. Can't wait to see more here at the new Lamley Customs blog. Continue to inspire, suppport and most of all, have fun! Take care everyone!

      your friend,
 Luke Baumstark @lukeshotwheels


  1. O.O what!? Mine made it on?! But it's so simple compared to these others. Thanks guys, awesome.
    Love the crx, carbon subie, and rx7. Targa Porsche is prety cool too.

    1. Ahh! I just read the article on Lamely itself, and oh my holy crap! Huge huge huge shoutout to Luke, and huge thank you's. I didn't dealt before you had joined up, but your article on speed hunters was my first exposure to custom hot wheels. I was absolutely floored by how good they are. I love the matte beetle rod and the burgundy and white dodge A100 you made. Your work inspired me to start this, and I thank you for picking my custom even more so now.

  2. Woah, thanx for the feature guys!!!!

  3. Awesome blog gentlemen!!! you have inspire me to start doing some customs maybe someday one of mine will be featured here.keep up the great job!

  4. I'd love to see a write-up on some of these. The process the artist went through in creating their customs. Both the physical and mental aspects. I really want to get into a bit and would love more insight.

    1. You can find a bunch of pics on my Gas Monkey build on Flickr, it was part of a Cheap Car Challenge:

  5. Love all but you think we could get some restos and repros casts from times gone by? I love to see redlines that were through it brought back to life. Even sent in a couple. Thanks

  6. Where do you find @12twentyfour's wheels?