Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lamley Customs Artist of the Week


    Hello everyone! Another week has flown and we have all been busy brainstorming new content for all of our supporters here at Lamley Customs. Wednesday is here and that means its time for our "Artist of the Week" feature. There are many reasons why an artist can catch our eye. Anything from beautiful paint and detailing to crazy chops and creative perspectives. All of us here at Lamley Customs can appreciate every build, after all we are customizers ourselves! 

   This week I wanted to give credit to Alistair Penniston (aka alinhelga from Instagram). He is a customizer from Lincoln, England with more than 15 years experience with model building and has crafted a very unique style that can be identified from a mile away. He stumbled upon a few diecast customizers from Instagram that he says played a huge roll in his hobby. Seeing the work of Garrett Bellamy (@gooberspad), John Yurgealitis (@badassrodz) and myself, Ali said he was so inspired that he began picking up more 1:64 scale diecast to tear apart and the rest is history.

     Ali says finding desirable diecast cars in England can be very few and far between. John (@badassrodz) and him share a very similar taste in cars and they started a friendship that played a huge part in Alistair's customizing. John helped supply him with cars to customize in trade for some of his customs! Alistair says "I can honestly say without John I would have stopped a long time ago as Hotwheels UK is very poor..". The brotherhood from a hobby can be an immense part and this shows with Alistair and his continuously building talent. Take a look below to check out just some of his awesome work!


     Keep up the killer work Alistair! 

your friend, 
Luke Baumstark (@lukeshotwheels)


  1. I am really liking what was done with that blue Surfin' School Bus!

    1. I really like that one the best as well,very impressive work!

    2. I really like that one the best as well,very impressive work!

  2. This is more than just customs. These are art. Some of the best iv seen