Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lamley Customs Artist of the Week

Hey folks. Here's an exciting feature we will be doing on the blog. Every Wednesday we will be featuring a customizer who has captured our attention. There are many reasons why a certain customizer might catch our attention. For example, beautiful paint jobs, perfectly matched wheelswaps, crazy cool chop and rebuilds, inspiring decal work, or all of the above. You know, customs stuff!

The Artist of the Week, James Ankrum, better known as @lil305garage on instagram has done just that with his beautiful decal work. I've spent plenty of time discussing customizing with James. He, like so many customizers is self taught. He has put in the time learning Photoshop from tutorials found on Youtube. Lots of trial and error later and James can do most ,if not any decal he puts his mind to. His work is so good, it has even captured the attention of some big name race teams and parts manufactures as evidenced by the pics. Keep up the great work James.


  1. That's beautiful work. Just wondering if you know which Volkswagen bus is that in the first photo?

  2. Yup I love when he puts new stuff out. One of the ones on top of the game.

  3. Great work but I'm really seeing a trend here. 6 american classics last post among all the stuff selected and not one this time. You mean to tell me there are no hot rods being built???? This is going to get old very quick!😩😫😠😡😕 Don't get it at all......

    1. I like hot rods, but there's more to car customizing, be it scale or 1:1 than hot rods.