Sunday, July 12, 2015

As is the CUSTOM: Our Faves for the week ending July 12,2015

Another Week has passed and we once again have the privilege of posting this weeks As Is the Customs Post for the week ending June 14, 2015... Enjoy and We look forward to seeing more submissions in the coming days...

    As always, you can get our attention by using the hash tag #lamleycustoms on your custom post   and by sending your pics via email at and be sure to include your IG handle.

+5pudly Tatro aka @5pudly on IG

@hotwheelsbymoe on IG

@mafercustom on IG

 @lukeshotwheels on IG

@azrafkhairuddin on IG

@abigas_wheels on IG 
Raimiey Kustomz on FB

@burhannudinismail on IG

 @kmcustoms on IG and FB

Mass Wheels

@diecast_dxb on IG

 @hwc_sweden on IG

+PBAJ1972 aka pbaj1972 on IG

@dubformers on IG

 @jdmpanda85_sc_hwc on IG

Gil Siegfried

Pisut Masanong on FB

Alan Bernal

@mangagarage on IG

@photolov3rs on IG 

@bmw2jz on IG

@burhanuddismail on IG

I.s. Customs Itamar Soares on FB

Daniel Hew on FB and @hewdaniel on IG

Ozbroz Kustomz on FB

Xavier Puente on FB


 KrautCustom on FB

Ben Moss

Allison and Mike B

@leebruce281 on IG

Well as always that is all for now...Keep on Customizing and Keep on Sending those Pics in...

Take Care Now and Gob Bless...

+Seth Mananquil aka @mrsenctvt on IG and on YouTube


  1. Where is the latest Customs starting after July 12th?. Im freaking out already, the suspense is killing me. Can we get a few more moderators to make this blog happen like it used to when it was only on the main Lamley blog ?. Freshly updated every Sunday morning.