Sunday, May 31, 2015

As is the Custom: Our favorites for the week ending May 31st, 2015

     Hello everyone and welcome to Lamley Customs, the new home for "As is the Custom"! Another Sunday has come and you know what that means! Thats right! Its time for us to show some of our favorite customs we've seen this last week! We thank you all so much for your submissions and support! Please continue to get our attention by tagging your customs with the #lamleycustoms hashtag and emailing photos to us at

Instagram - 5pudly 

Pisut Masanong

 GH Customs

Instagram - @ayehanoklan

Instagram - @gooberspad

 Instagram - @poramancustoms

Instagram - @witheredcustomz

Instagram - @a_r_n_e_l

Josue Casco

Instagram - @mangagarage

John Nilsson

Instagram - @raguirre87

Instagram - @nutboltu

Instagram - @richieboy87

Mike's Speed Shop

Julien Asselin

Eduardo Padilla

Instagram - @layn720

Aaron Kwong

     Thank you guys all so much for your great work, submissions and support! I wish we could feature every custom we recieve! Please keep tagging your work with our #lamleycustoms hashtag and sending photos to us at Let's continue to create, support and inspire eachother!

                                                                 your friend,
                                                   Luke Baumstark (@lukeshotwheels)


  1. Thanks for showing my customs along side of all these other awesome customs. Greatly appreciated.

  2. I must admit, that black and white 62 chevy highway patrol is awesome :)

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  4. I love the two-toned green paint on that Honda S2000 by witheredcustomz--great colors and great execution. And I'm glad to see somebody putting Matchbox wheels on the Toyota pickup (Josue Casco in this case). That pickup needed better wheel treatment than Hot Wheels could give it.

  5. Instagram - @a_r_n_e_l:
    Your Dodge flatbeds look awesome! Beautiful stance on both. Very hot.

    Is that your 100% Apache/Airstream set? Very awesome if so!


  6. That Hilux with orange wheels looks great! Perfect match!

  7. Wow I can't believe my first customs ever were chosen!!! I am honored to have my work profiled among such awesome custom, work and thank you all for your nice comments.

  8. Thanks again for posting my work along with these other great works now that i look at the van shoulda did paint in white the decals woulda came out much better. Cutting and reattaching these are much harder than it seems hard to bond die cast. If anyone can share their process would be very appreciated.